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Tax Advisory Service

Agmond International Limited’s Tax Advisory Services are designed to address the complex and diverse corporate tax compliance, transaction and advisory needs of our clients. Our tax professionals believe that managing your tax obligations proactively and responsibly can make a critical difference.


Our team of tax experts from across the country and internationally through our global network, advise on strategies for managing corporate income, capital taxes and other forms of taxes. We also advises clients on cross-border tax issues and does so with superior technical knowledge, business experience and consistent methodologies while supporting relationships with tax authorities effectively.

Central to our success is our in-depth technical understanding of the country’s legislative environment and tax rules and the relevant application of proposed solutions. Tax compliance represents a significant burden to companies conducting business in this country and staying abreast of this changing environment, as well as keeping front and center the goal to minimize taxes paid now and in the future, is essential in developing the most efficient and sustainable tax structures.

Our innovative tax planning solutions also take into consideration a client’s personal or business drivers. Clarity on personal or business incentives while examining and applying the tax rules helps to achieve optimum tax treatment and to reveal tax savings opportunities. We do more than reflect, we deliver the solutions you need in the changing and ever-more complex tax environment.

Meeting the tax reporting obligations is critical in managing business tax risks. Late returns and taxes in addition to reputational risks attract huge penalties, fines and interest.We offer the following income tax statutory reporting requirements:

  1. Preparation of the income tax computations in accordance with tax legislation.
  2. Preparation of the income tax returns and filing with the revenue office.
  3. Timely advise the tax amounts payable and due dates as well as assistance on tax remittances.
  4. Application and processing of tax compliance certificates.
  5. Attending to queries that may be raised by the revenue office in relation to filed returns.
  6. Registration of new companies with the revenue office (PIN).

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